Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The idea has passed the gates and now needs to be launched succesfully. What are those succesfactors to make this happen. The project lead has the challenge to define and manage the succesfactors. In the comming series I will describe these.

As most of you know, the project leader faces the challenges to deliver the desired results on time. He has to understand the project results, getting the resources and coping with changes in the business environment at the same time. How to keep up?
A Regular approach like business as usual meeting s to take decisions, share latest information through e-mail and regular meeting. Adapting to the change and getting the client feedback just take too long.
To keep up with the high information flow and have quick decision making we need to the client and preferable the customers to be near full time, innovation project members.
During the set-up of the innovation project leader assigns clear roles and responsibilities. He also sets up daily meetings to share information and give feedback enable the business and the project to adapt.
The daily meetings with the projectmembers , the client and customer involvement contributes to the succesfactor 'time to understand' and 'time to respond'. These are two out of six success factors of time.
His project could keep up with the latest business changes due to the daily meeting (face to face as weel as conference calls)
These and other success factors are coverd in ‘Excellerate’ Capgemini’s approach to boost innovations.
Next time more on the other success factors of time

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